Grow Together with Tabbi Challenges

Grow Together with Tabbi Challenges

A Journey of Growth, Connection, and Personal Development


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At Tabbi, Challenges are at the heart of our community's growth and identity. It all began with a simple yet powerful idea: to create a haven for like-minded individuals eager for personal development, uniting them in their pursuit of growth. And then, magic happens!

I have always been passionate about tapping into the power of a growth mindset.

I've seen its remarkable impact on my life, both personally and professionally. The driving force behind my journey as an entrepreneur was the dream of building a company, culture, and team firmly rooted in this belief. When you gather the right people who share this motivation, something special occurs – we grow faster, farther, and with boundless joy.

All our challenges to date have brought this belief to life in remarkable ways…

It all began with the "Talk Challenge" back in May, and the response was incredible. The 21-day Writing Gratitude Journal challenge soon became a cherished tradition, and we're now gearing up for Season 4 in just a couple of weeks!

Every challenge is unique, yet it follows the basic format:

1. Challenge Duration: Our challenges range from a short and sweet two weeks to extended month-long adventures, like the May and August Talk challenges. In the future, we're even contemplating epic 100-day or year-long challenges! We understand that mastering a new language is an ongoing journey.

2. Self Check-in: We celebrate individuality, recognizing that everyone's language level and daily commitments are unique. Challengers are encouraged to set their own pace. Whether you invest a couple of hours each day or simply check in minimally, it's your choice. You can document your study progress in detail, sharing new vocabulary and expressions, or merely post a "Done" to acknowledge your daily commitment. The aim is to hold each other accountable and draw motivation from our collective dedication.

3. Challengers' Happy Hour: After each challenge, we host an online Happy Hour, offering a unique opportunity to connect with fellow participants. A unique bond is formed when facing challenges together and achieving something as a community.

Tabbi Happy Hours are gatherings filled with positivity and camaraderie, where challengers share their personal stories, offering insights and motivation. For example, a busy mom with two kids manages her responsibilities while dedicating time to language learning – it serves as a source of inspiration and a treasure trove of language learning tips.

Tabbi Challenges also provide us with insights into our users' needs, foster connections, and gather feedback. We are incredibly fortunate to have passionate users who share their thoughts and often become staunch supporters of Tabbi.

Now, are you ready to embark on your own journey of growth? Discover our upcoming challenges here and let's embark on the journey together.